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“Defend A Child” (DaC) originated following a closed meeting of hundreds of former Penn State football players on the morning of November 12, 2011. That meeting was called extemporaneously to deal with a series of unprecedented events. There emerged, among the men there, a united proactive resolve to face with courage the shocking epidemic of child sexual abuse (CSA).


DaC exists to raise awareness and prevent child sexual abuse in the United States. Our role is to transcend and overcome the obscene nature of CSA in order to conquer the fear of addressing it, and to educate our families and communities to prevent it. Additionally, we provide resource assistance for CSA survivors, guardians, and bystanders.


As leaders, we continue to learn about CSA. We are active persuading others to take simple measures to protect children. We must understand the risks to minimize the opportunity for abuse. We will talk about it, stay alert, make a plan, act on suspicions, and get involved. Through our sphere of influence we help minimize CSA risks to eliminate incidents and we will catalog the resources that are available to help.


As adults, we take personal responsibility to make this world a safer place for all children. We acknowledge CSA as a serious fundamental problem in our society. We have witnessed the grief caused by CSA. With reported incidents at epidemic levels, and documented proof of the health, social, and economic risks that result from CSA trauma, we are compelled to help.



1. Website(s) and App(s). Create a clearinghouse of resources available in the United States by indexing professionals and organizations nationwide. Aggregate content from respected subject matter experts and public sources and continue to develop ways for children, guardians, survivors, and helpers to access resources more quickly and efficiently.

2. Community Engagement. Build national online community, offer hope, project reality, & encourage bystander awareness. Promote four foci via social media: Awareness, Policy, Prevention, and Response, by highlighting contemporary news and research. Organize volunteers to promulgate a grass-roots effort to distribute prevention messages and information about local resources.

3. Continued Education. Educate ourselves and others on current issues, best practices in prevention, and barriers to response. Become engaged with the national prevention community, and encourage and participate in further program research and development.

4. Public Services. Promote awareness and prevention with informational broadcasts and public messaging. Facilitate or promote workshops and train others how to protect children. Encourage the sharing of information within families and communities. Our mobile directory(s) will accelerate intervention.

5. Funding. Volunteer efforts drive initial development. As our vision solidifies, solicit public contributions. Demonstrate efficacy, create public services, then pursue grant funding.


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#DefendAChild was created to raise awareness
 and encourage the prevention of child sexual abuse in the United States.