• Get Help Now

    Get Help Now

    Defend A Child even if that child is you. Reach out. You aren't alone. Read More
  • Protect Them

    Protect Them

    Awareness will make our communities safer. Primary Prevention can forge a social environment that is hostile to abuse. Read More
  • Defend A Child

    Defend A Child

    Sexual abuse is a significant risk for all children. Learn how to protect them then tell everyone. Read More
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Think Globally

These numbers represent real live children in the United States.

1 IN 10 CHILDREN are sexually abused
before they reach 18 years old.

90% of offenders are known and trusted by their victims.

Don't believe the statistics ? Read More. No number is acceptable.
Think about local kidsThink about your own family.
What can we do to change things ?


is committed to making a measurable impact against child sexual abuse.
We will impart a sense of immediacy about this
public health epidemic
that challenges us
as parents, as a part of a community, and as human beings to



Act Locally

act locally verdict

Pay Attention. Get Involved.

Be Resilient.

You can affect how organizations, government entities, community leaders, educators, coaches, parents and caregivers address child sexual abuse, childhood trauma, and the subject of child protection & safety.  It will take patience and persistence.

Together, we will make the protection of children a priority in Centre County, PA and throughout the United States.

#DefendAChild was created to raise awareness
 and encourage the prevention of child sexual abuse in the United States.